Prices start at $45 for paint and labor and go up depending on the time needed for the job. All prices are determined after I have an idea of what the customer is looking for. Prices do not include the price of the body. I leave the option open for the customer to either send me the body or have me purchase the body they want.

For all work done I create a "sample" or "mock up" on my pc after discussing what the customer is wanting and send it to the customer for a review. I will then modify the sample as needed until the customer is happy with it. I do this before any painting is done to be sure the customer is getting what they want. It does add an extra amount of time to the job. But I feel it is well worth it to have the customer happy and knowing what to expect.

Turn around time:

Most jobs are done in one to two weeks depending on how many I have lined up. You can check around with other painters, that is an average turn around time. These bodies do take some time to paint at a quality level.

Forms of payment:

I accept Money Orders or Paypal. Paypal is preferred.